Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG has grown into the largest manufacturer of semiconductor component coolers, renowned in Germany and far beyond. Today three types of Fischer Elektronik's core products are manufactured on a production area of more than 15,000 km2: semiconductor coolers stamped coolers; Prefabricated cooling units; Liquid-cooled coolers. Enclosures, ranging from 19-inch standard to specialized cases with integrated coolers and enclosures for HF applications, connectors of common standards: PCB connectors and accessories; jumpers; flat cable connectors; D-Sub connectors.

All production at Fischer Elektronik meets the high standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Fischer Elektronik's entire product range is free of environmentally harmful materials.


Heatsinks Thermal interface material Cases Connectors
Profile heatsinks and liquid coolers Silicone rubber insulating material for semiconductors M-Cases Sockets
Heatsinks and active heatsinks for processors Thermally conductive foil made of siliconelastomer 19" cases PLUSLINE PCB connectors
Board Level heatsinks Thermally conductive foil made of siliconelastomer 19" plug-in module IDC-connectors
High thermoconducting graphite foils 19" plug-in box with cooling fins USB / RJ / D-Sub connectors
19" system cases Brackets for PC
19" standard subracks Optoelectronics
19" front panels and rack handles
19" Profiles