Project development is a key stage for any business case. It is an integral part of the business process when all the peculiar aspects and steps for the realization can be taken into account. AVIEK has certain intrinsic advantages when it comes to project development:AVIEK has solid experience in project realization of various complexity, which allows for comprehensive understanding of distinctive elements for each case developed;

  • AVIEK works in close partnership with our foreign associates which allows for best field practice implementation and drawing on the expertise of most prominent field champions;
  • AVIEK practices a multifaceted approach to every project, providing services on every stage of project implementation – from inspection and development to clearing the project for operation, including installation supervision and startup and commissioning. AVIEK is a solid choice for a general contractor for the projects of varying complexity.

AVIEK provides services on developing internal and external power supply development, electric lighting, automation and utility management.

Project development by AVIEK means:

Technical design specification;

  1. Data sheet compilation and equipment pickup;
  2. Reference design;
  3. Computer-aided system design;

Technical design specification

AVIEK consultants work in close cooperation with the customer’s representatives to compile the technical design specification for each project. Solid experience of our employees and best international field practices allow for a speedy and affordable project development, while still keeping in line with most modern developments and the client’s requirements.

Data sheet compilation and equipment pickup

We keep a close partnership with our foreign associates to keep up with the best new products the world over and new solutions in the field. This allows for a smart approach to equipment pickup taking into consideration both the quality-price ratio and the prospects and future developments in the field.

Reference design

Reference design is a key stage in the development process, and AVIEK experts pay great attention to that project stage. Company’s employees design: general assembly and electrical wiring drawings, maintenance manuals, testing procedures and protocols, as well as any other reference and maintenance documents on demand.

Computer-aided system design

On demand, AVIEK provides services concerning automation system design, production control systems and utility management systems. AVIEK also does computer-aided system design.