The distinctive feature of our company is reliability, versatility and flexible approach to solving our partners' tasks. Among the key advantages of the company are not only reasonable prices with excellent quality of products, but also well-functioning European level service, prompt response to equipment requests and minimum delivery time, warehouse service and delivery.

The most important line of business for AVIEK is delivery of components and systems for technological processes automation and traffic safety on the objects of Russian Railways and industrial transport.

Having a staff of technical specialists, who are experienced in development of devices for different purposes, AVIEK develops new products and systems in the field of rail transport that meet all modern requirements and trends.

Our long-standing partnership with the leading manufacturing plants producing equipment for the needs of Russian Railways allows us to carry out comprehensive supplies of equipment on favorable terms for our customers.

Computer systems

Uninterruptible power supply cabinets

Onboard equipment MALS

Control- information cabinets

Control and measuring complexes and diagnostic systems for rolling stock and ground infrastructure

  • Our customers:
    VNIIEM Corporation
      is one of the leading enterprises of the space industry in Russia. The company develops spacecraft for Hydrometeorology and Oceanography, environmental monitoring, fundamental scientific research. The main activities: space programs, electrical equipment and control systems for nuclear power plants, equipment for the oil and gas industry, electric pumping equipment.

    The Russian Federal Nuclear Center
    — VNIIEF is the largest research center in Russia that successfully addresses defense, science and national economy problems. The Institute is intensively working towards higher nuclear weapons performance, improving their efficiency, safety and reliability.
    Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS is the largest academic institute of the Russian Federation, and one of the world's leading research centers in the field of elementary particle physics, accelerator physics and technology, synchrotron radiation sources, free electron lasers, high-temperature plasma physics, and controlled thermonuclear fusion. The Institute's facilities and equipment form the basis of the infrastructure for a wide range of interdisciplinary scientific and scientific-technological research carried out at the four shared-use centers created at the Institute.

    NPO Aurora is a unique complex providing scientific research, design, manufacturing, testing and operation support of automated systems. Main activities: development, manufacturing, supply, service and repair.

    FSUE Mayak Production Association
    – the first industrial facility of the Russian nuclear industry, ensures state security by fulfilling the state defense order for the production of nuclear weapons components, and plays a serious role in the nuclear energy complex of Russia by implementing modern environmentally acceptable production technologies.

    FSUE Instrument-Making Plant
    is one of the leading enterprises of Rosatom, the city-forming enterprise of ZATO - the city of Trekhgorny, its main activity is the production of nuclear ammunition.