Phoenix Contact is a family business headquartered in Germany. The Group includes fifteen German and four international companies as well as 55 sales companies all over the world. Internationally, Phoenix Contact is presented in more than 100 countries.

Phoenix Contact solutions are used wherever processes need to run automatically. This can be in industrial production facilities, in the field of renewable energy, in infrastructure, or for complex device connections. Our products are used wherever power or data flows are connected, distributed, and controlled.

The company produces more than 65,000 products, which are divided into several major groups: Electrical terminals, Labeling, assembly tools and accessories, PCB terminals and connectors, PCB enclosures, Field connectors, Field wiring, Power supplies, Interface technology and switching devices, Controllers, I/O systems and industrial networks, Surge voltage protection devices.


Automate Connect Mark, assemble and install Supply, charge and protect
Cloud computing Board-to-board connectors Automatic tools Charging technology for e-mobility
HMIs and IPCs Connectors and cables Ferrules and crimp connectors DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters
Industrial communication Distribution blocks Hand tools Device circuit breakers
PLCs (controllers) and I/Os Electronics housings Industrial lighting and signal lights EMC filters
Software Marshaling panels Installation and mounting material Power distributors
PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors Junction boxes and empty enclosures Power supplies
Plug-in test system Marking material Protective relays for mains protection
Sensor/actuator cabling Printers Redundancy modules
System cabling for controllers Worker assistance system with conductor preparation Surge protection
Terminal blocks Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)