Innovative strength has been woven into the Rittal DNA since its foundation. In 1961, Rudolf Loh Elektrogerätebau was founded in Rittershausen by the entrepreneur Rudolf Loh, with one simple guiding principle: “Enclosures off the shelf, immediately.” In its founding year it launched the world’s first standard enclosure on the market. In 1969, the company was renamed Rittal, in honour of its roots in Rittershausen in Dietzhölztal. Within just a few years, Rittal enclosures had become established as a global standard, and have remained so to this day.


Enclosures Power Distribution Climate control Rittal Automation systems
Small enclosures Busbar systems Air cooling Milling
Compact enclosures VX25 Ri4Power Cooling units Laser machining
Enclosure systems Ri4Power TS 8 Liquid cooling Busbar machining
IT rack systems Ri4Power ISV distribution enclosure IT cooling Compoment cutting
IT enclosures IT power Enclosure heater Assembly
Console systems/PC enclosure systems/Industrial Workstations Outdoor climate control Wire processing
Operating housings/ support arm systems/ stand systems Handling
Hygienic Design Software